Urban warfare meets augmented reality in an epic battle with your friends. Now on iOS and Android

"Gunman for iPhone finally makes augmented reality awesome" - Engadget

"It's part paintball, part first person shooter, part urban warfare, and it all happens on you're iPhone." - NBC Los Angeles

"Does it really work? If the concept sounds too futuristic, don't worry, Gunman works flawlessly." - Geek.com

"Forget Counter-Strike because playing traditional FPS just officially went out of fashion. Gunman, the first of its kind augmented reality FPS game, just hit the App Store." - App Advice

"Holy Shit. If this app is half as good as it sounds, then this might be a literal killer app for the iPhone." - Editable Apple

Laser tag meets urban paintball in an epic battle against your friends--a heart pounding adventure that puts you and your phone directly in the line of fire. You have been recruited by ShadowForce to join an elite unit charged with taking out rogue agents in the local area. Our enemy recognition technology will take care of the body count, you take care of the shooting. Just find a quick hiding place and dig in before the bullets start flying. Learn More...